YOU’re meant to thrive.

Thanks for being here! Here are some of the things I can support you with:

Heal from childhood trauma and wounds that might be getting in the way of your thriving, and release emotions that cloud your judgment
Overcome anxiety, depression or other manifestations of trauma that block your progress in the things that matter to you
Strengthen your ability to self-regulate in the face of trauma triggers, and learn to use the energy of your emotions to create a meaningful life
Experience a deeper connection with others and enjoy healthy relationships
Increase your self-esteem and confidence, and build courage to go after your most important goals and dreams
Feel resilient and mentally strong to face life's challenges and navigate uncertainty

Healing & thriving is possible for you

While your body & mind are susceptible to trauma, they also have an extraordinary ability to survive anything, survive it well and eventually thrive. that’s why, no matter what your story is or what happened in the past, healing & thriving is available to you.

Thriving means living a good life, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. It means being at peace and in integrity with your choices, living in alignment with who you truly are and liberated from the limitations of your conditioning.

Your true self, no matter what happened in the past, is indestructible, unbreakable and resilient. This true self can never be lost. But to reconnect with the essence of who you are, you first need to reconnect with your body because your body is the metaphor of your life story and always guides you towards healing.

My trauma-informed somatic approach will help you tap into your body’s healing resources and liberate you from trauma and old emotions that are at the root of self-sabotage and chronic illness, mental and physical.

Your body has an extraordinary capacity to heal itself. I’ll only be your guide.

We had the pleasure of hosting Effie at our NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator in London where Effie delivered an amazing workshop on growth mindset. Her delivery was passionate, heartfelt and energetic. The entrepreneurs gained tremendous value from her experience and insight, and she added greater depth and clarity to a topic that can sometimes be perceived as ‘fluffy’. We would love to have Effie with us again soon.

Alexandra Joseph

Entrepreneur Acceleration Manager at NatWest

I feel that the biggest part of not feeling worthy and feeling inadequate has been healed through Effie’s mastermind.

Lili Suke

Life Coach

Effie helped me get clear on what I want my business and life to look like. She helped me move away from mindsets that weren’t in alignment, through which I gained a lot of confidence, as I’m now moving in the right direction. I knew I could count on her for giving me amazing feedback. I’ve made so much progress and was able to work through so many things.

Nabeelah Munshi

Business Coach

I reached out to Effie to help my team and I as we were feeling the effects of lockdown and we needed some help finding our flair and motivation again. Effie ran a 2-hour workshop for us, specifically tailored to our needs, and really drew us together with plenty of food for thought. We came away totally inspired and feeling really refreshed. I now have a toolkit which I will be turning to many times in the future.

Olivia Haddow

Freelance PR Strategist

The challenge we faced when organising our conference was to find someone who could deliver a workshop on mental wellbeing in a way that was also relevant to our entrepreneurial and commercial talent audience. Luckily Effie came to our aid. By sharing her own personal experiences with personal loss, she helped people to open up about their own struggles. The tone of her event was consistently professional while also being empathetic.

The workshop was informative, gave people practical takeaways they could incorporate into their teams and some food for thought on how they might change the way they work.

For anyone looking for help with bolstering mental wellbeing and effectiveness in their organisation, especially a commercial or entrepreneurial one, I would recommend Effie Kli.

Alex Holland

Communities Developer at The Centre for Entrepreneurs

I’ve let go of the pushing energy and I’m now fully intentional with my goals. Effie was very attentive to all things coming up during the coaching calls and the group she selected was very special, with ladies who really showed up for each other, learning from each other, and providing a safe space to be vulnerable. I really felt like myself every time I joined the weekly calls.

Alexandra Badita

Journaling and Storytelling Expert

Effie held space for me to explore my feelings, difficulties and new perspectives on myself, my view of the world and my experiences. She’s supported me endlessly, gave deeply intuitive feedback and understood me really well. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my patterns and cycles and was given the tools to work through them. 

Kyli Ferguson

Life Coach