Hi, I’m Effie.

I love cheese, Jane Austen, The Prodigy & I’m a woman full of contrasts! 

I’m also a Trauma-Trained Educator and certified Life Coach. With my unique human-centric approach, I help people:

Release childhood trauma and emotions stored in their body that lead to self-sabotage and illness

Alchemise the trauma energy of anxiety and depression into emotional resilience that allows them to deal with any challenge

Live in their power, and go after their most meaningful goals and dreams with courage, clarity and grace

Stop being at war with themselves and start engaging with life, the world and others from a state of healthy self-esteem

Reconnect with their true self and intuition, and start experiencing a sense of vitality, joy and playfulness



What’s led me to what I do today is a long story that started when I was 10 and experienced my first big trauma that involved family loss, mental illness and cultural shame. Back then the stigma of mental illness was even worse than it is today and, as a result, I spent my childhood feeling scared that people believed my family was broken. But deep down I knew we weren’t broken, so I became obsessed with figuring out what could have stopped this tragedy from happening.

It’s come as no surprise that these days I run my mental health and healing practice as a trauma and somatic educator after being trained in Dr. Gabor Maté’s somatic-based psychotherapeutic approach and as a High Performance Coach.

Through my studies, my own journey of personal transformation and working with many clients, I’ve come to realise that with the right tools and support healing is possible no matter what happened in the past and what our life looks like now.

My mission is to spread this message and help people like you see how normal their emotional and mental experiences are (aka there’s nothing wrong with you!), to heal and achieve their meaningful goals so they consciously create a better life despite the challenging culture we live in.

As a result of our work together, they start experiencing small victories that gradually lead them to bigger practical life shifts, while recovering a sense of safety in the prospect of meaningful happiness.

I’m also a corporate trainer having run workshops on resilience, mental health and performance for organisations such as NatWest and The Centre for Entrepreneurs.

I’m obsessed with true crime, the sun and the beach! In my free time, I love writing fiction, cooking new recipes with my partner, travelling and connecting with dear friends.

If what you’re reading resonates with you, add yourself to the waitlist for my private practice here and be one of the first to know when I can accept new clients.

If you don’t want to wait, you can consider joining my Heal & Thrive School here, my 12-month group course that will help you integrate past wounds, appreciate your presence and look forward to a better future.

As always, I wholeheartedly believe in your body’s capacity to heal and thrive. The medicine is always you.

Healing & thriving vibes,